by Chemory Gunko: When the proverbial hits the fan, it’s easy to let go of the intimacy and connection in your romantic relationship, letting sex fall to the wayside…


That’s silly really, because sex is the cheapest and best tool you have available to help you ride out the current storms you’re facing in life.

Sex Reduces Stress

Apart from giving you cardiovascular exercise which can lead to endorphin releases, sex releases other feel good chemicals into your body that help you feel happier and lighter and function more effectively.

Regular sex will have you feeling lighter and happier, and most likely less prone to depression and mood swings.

Sex Is Something To Do & Look Forward To

You know how we joke about big families not having a TV? Well sex is actually pretty great entertainment – if you can remember that far back.

Once you get into a regular sexual rhythm with your partner, you’ll find yourself being more adventurous and open, and that excitement will add a major positive boost to all the other areas of your life as well.

Similarly, planning little things to do together, or even surprises for each other, can take the sting out of long, boring days where you feel stressed and anxious and have nothing else to do.

Most often life circumstances get us down because we get all wrapped up in them. Choose to focus on something else and be happy instead. There’s no point in worrying about problems that you have little to no control over right now.

Sex Bonds You

Do you remember when you first met your partner how you couldn’t wait to touch them and make love to them again? How you guys agreed on everything and the most amazing thing in the world was just being around each other?

That’s what happens when you have a lot of sex.

Sex Helps You Feel Connected

On the physical, spiritual, mental and emotional levels, sex will help you and your partner feel more connected to each other, and therefore to the world around you.

If you think back to stressful periods in your life, you’ll notice that you often feel like the world is against you, that everyone hates you. That happens on the energetic level because you’re disconnected emotionally.

Disconnection occurs to protect you from trauma and help you process on the mental level. It is however a very sad and lonely place to be, and it will greatly exacerbate any feelings of inadequacy, shame, vulnerability or guilt that you are already feeling.

By creating a strong bond where you feel connected you can almost eliminate the danger of depression from your life, which is something you want to guard against during stressful times.

You Work As A Team

The next big benefit of being connected and bonded to your partner is that you work as a team.

It’s difficult for a relationship to survive when the partners are financially stressed – often the partners turn on each other because there is no one else to vent to.

By creating a habit where you touch and love when you see each other, you can make your relationship financially bullet proof.

Think back on when you first met – how easily you agreed on everything, how easy it was to compromise and see each other’s point of view.

When you are closely bonded through sex, there are physical, chemical, emotional and mental changes that occur in your system and relationship, and all of these contribute to ensuring that you and your partner see eye to eye on most issues and challenges, and support and love each other instead of turning on each other.

So if you really want to do something to turn the economy around then go home a get laid tonight, and come back a happier, shinier, more focused person tomorrow.