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Types of Fundamental Wellbeing: Locations – Dr. Jeffery Martin

Overview and history

Dr. Jeffery Martin-awaken

by Dr. Jeffery Martin: For over 15 years the Center for the Study of Non-Symbolic Consciousness has led the first truly global, cross cultural and pan-tradition scientific research project into the psychology, sociology, cognitive science, neuroscience, and biology of Fundamental Wellbeing (aka persistent awakening, nonduality, enlightenment, the peace that passeth understanding, unity consciousness, God consciousness, etc.).

The project has been the largest academic research project of its kind, funded by millions of dollars in resources, and has involved thousands of research participants across 6 continents. It has included individuals from all major and most minor spiritual and religious traditions, as well as many non-believers, atheists, and agnostics.

Over these years, the project has found many persistent forms of Fundamental Wellbeing, which fell along a single overall continuum of related experiences. Access to such extensive data from around the world enabled us to construct the first universal classification system for these kinds of human experience, which provides both seekers and “Finders” (individuals who persistently experience Fundamental Wellbeing) with the first reliable map for navigating and contextualizing their experiences, and vastly extends what most systems recognise as the full potential of human consciousness. This understanding eliminates the notion that there is a “right” type of Fundamental Wellbeing and opens the door to exploring the full scope of human potential.

Our core research on the four major types of Fundamental Wellbeing that most people transition to is described in a peer-reviewed academic article, and the best-selling book, The Finders. The first 3 types (1-3) are the most common, followed by the next 6 (4-9). Most public knowledge of the types centers around types 2, 3, and 4.

We called these different types of Fundamental Wellbeing “locations” on the continuum. Each location is defined by a distinct cluster of features that appear to be related to changes in neural networks in the brain.

Most people in Fundamental Wellbeing are in Location 1, fewer people are in Location 2, even fewer in Location 3, and so on. It is rare for anyone to go further than Location 3. For those who do, it tends to lead to increasing isolation from the world.

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