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Women Are Cosmically, Emotionally, Psychologically, And Biologically More powerful Than Men

by Guru Singh:  Women are cosmically, emotionally, psychologically, and biologically more powerful than men. Yogi Bhajan referred to women as ‘eagles’, while the patriarchy


— slighting the feminine power — referred to them as “chicks”. Survival was a physical event for millions of years . . . masculine rule was natural, until it wasn’t . . . and now it’s not.

In reaction, the masculine power-channels have devolved into creepy . . . nationally; internationally; religiously, and culturally creepy. The equal and opposite reaction is unfolding. Women — and conscious men supporting this power — are voicing and standing for the right to get real. Ignorance is something that’s to be ignored no more, it must be challenged and changed at its immature core. Ignorance is now in the format of “baby boys” — many in the bodies of “adultish men” — clinging to a survival fantasy from the ancient past.

So fitting for it to be taking place at the feet of strong women, for this is the exact nature of giving birth . . . this moment is giving birth to a future that’s more real. As ignorance dies its difficult and anguished death, the old masculine-guard — holding power that was never powerful, but a fear-based attitude of ancient-echoes rattling through fictionalized history — resists the inevitable. Like the discovery and use of electricity — the electricity was around forever, but it took time to understand the usefulness — the Divine feminine power is the new lightbulb.

In order to give birth to this reality, a reality that’s as old as time, there’s a polarity of ridiculous male characters sitting atop the world stage, all attempting to stand in its way. This is just the way such staging in nature is done, and these male figures are the caricatures of a dying meme, and as such, they appear more insane than ever.

Our prayer is that you take your place in line with nature as this natural unfolding unfolds; that you embrace this moment as the birthing of everything to come . . . Goddesses taking their place with the Gods . . . reality taking the place of illusion . . . love replacing fits of male anger . . . and a new normal replacing crazy . . . the new normal of power that’s calm.

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