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10 Myths About Yoga

by Lauren Cap: Yoga has increased in popularity over the past 15 years and continues to grow globally…


Although there is a strong following all over the world, some people have never experienced the practice before.   Often times, when an idea or new fad is foreign to individuals, there are assumptions and myths associated with that unknown.   Below are the most common myths about yoga that keep people away from the practice.

One must be flexible to do yoga

Agility, strength, flexibility and balance will increase in regards to each unique body type over time.  Much of the asana practice requires strength and flexibility, however there are modifications and prop usage to assist in the postures until that flexibility comes.  Depending on the body type, not every person has the same flexibility or will have as much movement as one wants.   Sliding into a full split is not detrimental for a yoga practice.  Find a yoga instructor that creates a safe environment for the students’ capabilities.  Extremes of any level are not safe and could cause injury.  A balance between strength and flexibility is the healthiest route. 

Yoga is expensive

Yes, yoga can be expensive based on outward appearances, especially in a big city.  However, there are many unconventional outlets to look for that can be inexpensive.  Discover studios that offer donation based classes or “community classes.”  This is a pay as you wish option where you will receive the benefits of being in a class environment for a less expensive rate.  Certain studios also offer student/senior discounts for a significantly cheaper cost.  Holiday specials pop up during the year offering huge discounts on class packages and memberships.  One convenient and cost effective option is online yoga.   Explore social media outlets and yoga websites in order to take a yoga class at home.   There are incredible yoga teachers who have free podcasts or yoga classes available online for only $5.  It will feel like a group class but in the privacy of the home.

Hot yoga helps people lose weight and detox

Hot yoga increases flexibility and assists in a cardiovascular workout.  It is common for the practitioner to feel de-stressed, focused, and physically lighter which can be extremely beneficial for overall health.  Although leaving a hot yoga class drenched in sweat can make a yogi feel like they have dropped 10lbs, the heat alone may not be as helpful in weight loss and releasing toxins as one would hope.  The excess sweat released from hot yoga is known to emit salt from the body leaving the yogi feeling slimmer and less bloated.  Yoga alone provides a calorie burn and weight loss but adding heat does not make a significant difference.   

Yoga is not a workout

There are many high impact workouts in the fitness world that provide fast results but are also tough on the body. (Note: there are high impact yoga styles that can be harmful on the body as well. Use caution with any physical workout that requires repetition.)  Those who have not experienced yoga may consider it to be effortless with little to no results.  Depending on the style of yoga, it can be particularly intense for beginners and advanced practitioners as the practice asks for overall body strength.  Providing, the student is working with proper alignment, maneuvering with one’s own body weight is powerful and strength building.  Some choose to practice yoga for the physical benefits and over time it becomes transformational mentally as well.  With the physical benefits come the mental clarity and focus which builds a foundation for a healthy life. 

Skinny people practice yoga

Studios and fitness centers advertise skinny women contorting their bodies or showing off their abs as a way to bring in business.  Although there are skinny yogis out there, all body types, ages, genders, and fitness levels practice yoga too.  A class should be available to fit those needs in order for everyone to be given the opportunity to practice.  With all of the fitness centers and yoga studios out there, each person should be able to find the right class and instructor.  Yoga can help a practitioner lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle but no matter what body type, different forms of yoga is available for everyone to receive the benefits. Do not be discouraged.

Yoga is only for women

There is an increase of male yoga instructors and students in every class.  It is common to see men in hot power yoga classes or bikram.  It is known that professional athletes having weekly yoga classes to balance their high impact lifestyle.  Corporate environments have in house yoga classes for stress relief giving the employees a chance to move around and step away from the desk.  Both men and women attend these classes.  As yoga and wellness continues to rise in popularity, it is no longer unusual to see men in yoga classes consistently.

Yoga is a cult

Yoga can become very addictive because of its healing benefits.  The yoga community is inclusive and could seem on the outside that there is a cult like following.  Once experiencing yoga and finding the appropriate style, students take from it what they choose.   A studio or instructor may introduce ideas and share readings to students; however there is no pressure to follow a particular belief system.

Yoga is only for vegans and vegetarians

Some yogis are vegan and believe that all life is sacred.  There are also vegetarians and meat eaters that practice yoga too!  Certain lineages and studios suggest a vegan way of eating but there are millions of people who eat meat and enjoy yoga.  Find the healthiest diet for your body type and practice yoga without any guilt!

Yoga heals all injuries

Yes, yoga can heal the body from pain and discomfort but it can also harm the body if practiced improperly.  Depending on the injury or the doctor’s recommendation, yoga may not be suited to heal from all injuries.  A variety of postures require weight bearing on the shoulders and neck.  The shoulder girdle has tiny tendons, ligaments and muscles that are not strong enough to hold body weight.  Additionally, those tiny cervical vertebrae of the neck are not naturally asked to support the weight of the body either.  With that said, handling a yoga practice with care and with the recommendation of a physician can heal the body depending on the person.   

All yogis reach a state of enlightenment

The feeling of serenity that takes over once all of the work has been done in a meditation or yoga practice is what some people believe to be the effects of yoga.  Meditation and a consistent yoga practice can change a yogi’s way of thinking, but enlightenment is very rare.  Having brief moments of bliss is what one should work towards as a starting place with a yoga practice.  A huge misconception is the belief that yogis and yoga instructors walk around in a complete state of bliss.  This could be possible, but takes a great deal of dedication and hard work.

There are myths about yoga but stepping out into the unknown is the best way to change those false beliefs.   Not all yogis are rich, skinny, flexible females, leading the cult’s brigade.  Without experiencing something personally, everything is word of mouth.   Maybe a yoga class is just what is needed to change those opinions and find clarity and peace of mind.

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