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Awaken Interviews Sister Jenna Pt 1 – We All Have a Direct Connection to God

Donna Quesada: Its so nice to see you, Dr. Sister Jenna.


DONNA QUESADASister Jenna: Its nice to meet you.

DONNA: Good morning. We actually met on the telephone, on your radio show.


DONNA: It was two years ago. You had me as a guest. I would have to look at exactly the month, but I think it was in 2018.

Jenna: Okay, Ill look it up again.

DONNA: Nice to meet you in person.

SISTER JENNA: Same here. And Im so glad that our paths are crossing again because with this pandemic, we are meeting each other in such unique ways and I am tickled that it brings such interesting energies together. Its become a blessing in many ways. Im really touched by the changes that are happening in peoples’ lives everywhere.

DONNA: Isnt that something? Id like to talk more about that. I am just so thrilled to spend this time with you this morning. Before we get into those things… and I wanted to ask you about this year that we have had. As you may know, we have a special way that we like to begin, and that is with the question of what it means to Awaken. And so, without further ado, I would love it if you could speak to that.

SISTER JENNA: What a special way to begin our conversions because as a result of the unique times that we are in, a lot of souls are getting accustomed to seeing what they are not used to seeing. And I feel that the Awaken moment that is upon us is where our third eye of knowledge… the eye of intellect… the insightfulness of the soul… the inner awareness of the soul is more awakened than the five senses. So, its almost as if the five senses are becoming more relaxed. And the third eye. The spiritual center of the self is awake. What have I been missing? So, I feel like the awakening is a rally for the soul-conscious awakening from body consciousness.

DONNA: I love that. We are able to see what we previously could not see because we were in a place where we could see it.

Jenna: At least we werent given such a long period of time to be less engaged physically. And I feel that we are now seeing things from the inside more than we did before, when we were so busy and running around everywhere.

DONNA: So, to your way of seeing things, the pandemic actually imposed a kind of inward journey on us…

SISTER JENNA: It has been a blessing hasnt it? And thats why many of us in this industry, you with AWAKEN and me with the network… everything that we have stood for is feeling our own awakening, right? And we wish to share that awakening in every part of our lives. And here comes this particular point in history that says, “I want you to see what you have been missing.”

DONNA: Indeed. And this last year we have seen so many institutions crumbling and so many people suddenly feeling the need to speak out about injustices on many different levels. Womens rights issues and human rights issues. Almost like a repeat of what we saw in the late 60’s. Where it started on the political level, It really culminated in a kind of spiritual awakening. Ive been kind of noting how similar these very special times in history are. What do you think brought us to this time of major change and questioning? We almost had to get angry first, before we went inside. What is the common thread between these events?

SISTER JENNA: I think its the time. I think its the time for these events to occur. And second, I think the light is expanding more in our consciousness. Its clear to me that the light of consciousness which represents deep rooted experiences in our personality like love and peace and purity… joy and truth… That quality in our personality is being amplified. And so, as a result of that persona coming forth—the personality of body consciousness—I attach an acronym to that quite regularly, called ALGAE. A, anger; L, lust; G, green; A, attachment; E, ego.

That energy which we have witnessed is taking place. Its being pushed out because of the light. So, our soul conscious realization… Our soul conscious awakening is becoming much stronger. And the body conscious personality which is governed by ALGAE… That is actually dying. And the reason why it seems so amplified and in your face is because it is dying and its going away, and it has to. Whats interesting when we watch ourselves as a civilization is that we all have a level of ALGAE recorded in our personality, but we are the light.

So, all of the events that are taking place around us is actually helping us to see that light that we are within. And that little chaos or insanity that is taking place with ALGAE… That is just what it needs to do. Its aware that it is exiting the story and the drama. So, it kicks and it screams and it tries to make you afraid of it. But its not going to win. The light will definitely win and that is what is happening.

DONNA: And so collectively, we need that little bit of ALGAE, as you put it, in order to jar us into the sense of what we are, which is light?

SISTER JENNA: I have to tell you Donna… I have had so many conversations… Why is it that so many of us learn faster through trauma or tragedy than through love? I dont want to learn through tragedy. I want to meet somebody and feel their spirit. That’s just sweet. Its strong. Its pure. Its loving. And I want to be inspired by those people. And I dont want that you do something horrific to me and then I decide to go inside of myself and do the real work. I dont want to be in that pattern and unfortunately a very high percentage of us learn more from tragedy than from love. But Im inviting everyone… Lets sign up for when we see moments of love. When we have a conversation of love or we recognize that a particular moment needs some love and then be very alert that this particular moment is reminding me that love is the greatest force.

DONNA: Its true. That is so beautiful. We often call it a dark night of the soul, which leads so many to a spiritual journey. Are you saying that it doesnt have to happen that way?

SISTER JENNA: My heart says that it doesnt have to happen that way. But I know that historically it has. I have to tell you… The latest issue with Myanmar is going on. And what they are going through after a very tumultuous administration… And I still get a little teary eyed when I see a government take advantage of its people. Venezuela… Whats happening with Paul Rusesabagina being kidnapped by his own government after he saved so many people from the genocide in Rwanda. Why would you arrest someone like him and hes still in jail?

All of these things… I get so introspective. Why is it that leadership cannot see that it is beneficial if we find a way to work this out together? Recently we purchased a property for a new retreat center and myself and the owner became very good friends. And every time she went to her lawyers and realtors there were problems. When I went to my lawyer and realtors there were problems. When we talked to each other there were no problems. We knew exactly what we were going to offer each other and we knew the energy of the intent. And I sat in meditation and I asked God, “What is it, every time we take these outside sources everybody comes back, “no no, this is all about them, you are going to lose. They are taking advantage of you.” And in my conversations with the owner, I dont feel like that. I feel like we are just trying to work things out. The tail end of that is that these individuals were trying to protect our interests. But it was all around money. Who was going to make more? Who was going to make less? Who might lose out on some of the money? And I said that money shouldnt be the genesis of the relationship. She trusts me, I trust her. The money will come. We dont worry about that.

And somehow, someway, when they came out of the picture, we ended up making the deal and everyone was happy and it wasnt about money. So, I think that we have this energy at times because we are not awakened. We think about the limited aspects of things. What am I losing? What am I gaining? When there is no loss or gain… when there is respect between people… when there is trust between people… there is no loss or gain. Everyone will be benefited. And I feel that is what the world is thirsting for right now. Its thirsting for the feeling of trust. The feeling of love. The feeling of respect. And just imagine if we can become that for ourselves. Its going to be natural for me to share that with you.  And Im still baffled by the fact that humanitys narrative… it has to be tragic for us to learn. I hate that thats the reality but Ill still stick to “Dear universe, show me the way of love.”

DONNA: And when you bring in the outside sources, it also prevents you from having the direct connection where love can be shared. You are not connecting anymore. And that breeds the distrust as well.

SISTER JENNA Its so true because in a way, we all have a direct connection to God, right? And we sometimes go to outside sources, thinking they have more of a vested interest in our souls well-being. And I think when we turn away from the energy of God… we need to turn more to the creation. I think we get some complicated results.

DONNA: What is God. Could you speak about this idea of God?

SISTER JENNA: God is the Supreme being. The Supreme Soul. The ocean of love. The ocean of peace. The ocean of purity. The constant benefactor. The omni-present one. The purifier of souls. And if I can understand and accept that God is the supreme energetic soul energy. And when I think of God at that level of understanding… that interpretation, the vibration that enters my system becomes influenced by my understanding that the vibrations of God are so pure and unlimited. That helps me to represent God in that unlimited way. So, for me, God is such a powerful supreme being. Hes not Jewish, hes not Christian, hes not Muslim, Hes not Hindu. Dont let me get started on God. Its my heart. Its everything for me. Its the light, its the energy of life. The more we can remember God, the more we will become God-like. Do you remember this old movie staring George Burns, it was called, Oh God?

DONNA: You know, I do remember it. I cant say that I remember the details of it. I remember it sort of being around, in the movies.

SISTER JENNA: Youve got to sit with the family and watch it again. Because the whole thing was that George Burns had found this little girl and he asked her—George Burns was God—and he asked her if she could find a way so people could love him again. And they came up with just one thing. Think of God. That was it. And I think what we need to do now is remember the energy of God more, so we can make decisions that are more beautiful. Like what I did with the purchase of the Retreat Place. We were remembering God and what was fair for both of us. They were thinking about who was going to make more on the deal or who would have lost on the deal. An absence of God. So, when you are remembering God, you are pulling the energy of cleanliness and truthfulness into your interaction. And then it shows the beauty of God. And if I were to tell you the magic that is happening with this retreat place, you wouldnt believe it.

DONNA: And where did you say it is located?

SISTER JENNA: Its located in Centreville, Virginia. Its called Om Shanti Village. And Om Shanti means I am peace.

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