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Guided Meditation into Witnessing Awareness – Ken Wilber

Donna Quesada:: We have a new section on awaken that is specially designed for guided meditations.

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Ken Wilber: So go ahead and close your eyes. And simply look within and notice that you have two selves. There is the self that’s doing the looking. And then there’s the self that you’re aware of that’s being looked at. And so, as you notice those two sides of your awareness there’s the looker, the subjective side, or the witness in you that’s just aware of everything that’s arising right now. That is your witness. And that witness is held by every mystical tradition the world over, to be God, to be one with absolute reality. And that is your real self.

So just rest as that witness. And don’t worry about the things that are being witnessed, just notice that they’re all objects. And so, your small self, the self that you can be aware of as an object… That’s your ego. That’s your small self. But the witness of that small self, your big self, is Godhead, is Brahman, is big mind, is ultimate reality. And that is the self that you want to identify with, because that is your real self.

So as you rest as this witness, simply identify with that witness and realize that it is seeing everything that is to be seen, and it’s seeing it as an object, because that witness is a pure subject. It’s often called absolute subjectivity. ‘

It just means the ultimate witness. That is what you really are. That’s your real self. And the witness sees everything, but cannot itself be felt. It sees everything that cannot itself really be seen. It’s the seer. And this is why the mystical traditions maintain that nobody can actually see God, because God is the ultimate seer. God is this witness in you, which is witnessing everything, but cannot itself be seen or felt. It’s just… you can be subjectively aware of it, because you’re aware of this witness.

And so, rest as that awareness, rest as that witness, and just realize that as your true self. And let the little self that you’re aware of, just let that go. That’s not who you really are. That’s your mistaken identity. That’s the self that’s caught in samsara, that’s caught in maya, that’s caught in illusion. Because it’s an illusion, because it thinks it can see things, whereas it can’t. It can only be seen. It’s just an object self. It’s not the true subject self. It’s not the real witness. So let the little object self go and rest as that absolute subject, that absolute subjectivity, that pure witnessing awareness. And that is who and what you really are.

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