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Evolving Man And Awakened Woman

By Jennifer Gremillion: I read this on Facebook, and it is too good not to share…


“An evolving man mirrors what an awakened woman desires

He chooses to be the hero and leave his mark on this planet.
She calls to him to reveal his brave heart by taking bold action.

He chooses to create his dreams and live his purpose.
She calls to him to come alive with passion.

He chooses to navigate the ship by the stars of the night to his destiny.
She calls to him to take command of life.

He chooses to encourage her in her dreams and endeavors.
She calls to him to support her in partnership.

He chooses to genuinely care and connect to his feelings.
She calls to him to reveal his vulnerability and share his tender heart.

He chooses to leave all traces of ego behind.
She calls to him to reveal his authenticity in exposing the dark corners to the light.

He chooses to always be there for her.
She calls to him to be her protector.

He chooses to love her through all her wild emotions.
She calls to him to validate, accept and understand her.

He chooses to ravish her beautiful body and make love to her soul.
She calls to him in surrender and to be taken as his highest prize.

He chooses to honor and treat her like the goddess she is.
She calls to him to be adored by her man.

An evolving man can never give to an awakened woman without mirroring her desires and receiving even more back in return.”
~Daniel Nielsen

There is a theme… He chooses. She calls.

Are you the evolving man?

Are you the awakened woman?

Are you in a spiritual and soulful relationship?

If you don’t have that type of relationship and desire it, then go create it. You are a creator.

It is never too late to be authentically you.


Source: AWAKEN


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