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Why Runners Should Take Up Yoga

by Kraig Becker: Want to become a better, stronger runner? Try adding yoga to your exercise routine…


Serious running isn’t just a good workout, it is a way of life. Which is why you have to forgive us runners for sometimes forgetting that there are actually other forms of exercise that we could—and should—be doing.

Take yoga, for instance—an exercise that falls on the far opposite end of the spectrum in terms of cardio intensity, but is actually a very good complementary activity to an intense running routine. If you are someone who runs on a regular basis, here are some reasons why you should consider taking up yoga too.

Increased Flexibility

Yoga is great for improving your body’s overall flexibility, which can come in handy when you’re running. This improved flexibility will allow your muscles to stay loose, which can have a positive impact on performance and help you avoid injuries. Yoga is great for working the muscles in your shoulders, back, glutes, hamstrings, and calves, all of which can get very tight with regular running. Adding yoga to your workouts can counter that tightness, which will make you feel a lot better before, during, and after a run.


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