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Guru Singh Be Your “Infinite” Nature Within Every Breath You Take

 by Guru Singh:  Infinity is beyond your imagination — what appears to be infinite is only an idea.


To imagine, or perceive anything, it must have some definition, and definition is a boundary . . . infinity cannot have boundaries. There’s a familiar law in the physical Universe: “for every action there’s an equal reaction.” Whatever action is present, the equal reaction must also be present. This cannot be limited — within each moment there’s every possible question . . . therefore, every possible solution is there. This appears to be infinity, and since you cannot imagine infinity, you have difficulty imagining that every solution must always be there.

The ancient masters would say: “Within each breath are the keys to the moment; the solutions to the problem; the answers to the question.” Since there’s no limit to the questions in any moment, there can be no limit to the answers. However, in order to discover these answers, and solutions, and keys — which are the reactions to the actions of the problems, questions, and dilemmas — you must also be present in your breath. Being present in the breath does not mean just physically breathing — it means being in your ‘presence’ — in the ‘presence’ of your breath.

You obtain and maintain this presence by drawing each breath in a conscious and affirmative way . . . fully sensing and being ‘mindful’ of your action. With this presence, comes the answers and solutions . . . but not only to the challenges that you already have — also to the challenges you might imagine having. In other words . . . when you imagine your most perfect dream scenario . . . every challenge that could block this dream will also appear. Action — reaction . . . consciously breathe your imagined dream, and you breathe the challenges and their solutions as well.

Our prayer is that you practice this opportunity; be your “infinite” nature within the nature of every breath you take; open to the answers and the answers will open to you . . . that’s the law . . . be your dream.

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