by Jonathan Robinson: In the long history of humanity, our current time is not the norm…


We have never been able to destroy all life on the planet before.  Nor have we ever had so much technology that could, potentially, be used to help awaken the masses. If you think of our time as being a “make or break” time for the human race, it can give your life and your decisions a renewed sense of urgency. After all, if we are going to get through this era in a positive way, it will need every conscious human being to play their part.  There’s no room for people sitting on the “sidelines of life” while the world goes to crap. That being the case, everyone who reads this should be asking themselves, “How can I contribute to a better world?”  By asking that question, you help align your individual awakening with your responsibility to the planet.

There is no singular or “right” answer to that question.  Each person has different resources, abilities, connections, and causes that call to them.  What pulls on your heart?  What abilities do you have to help a cause that is important in helping humanity?  If you sincerely take such questions into moments of meditation or contemplation, you’ll get answers.  Your answers may come from a still, small voice within, or they may surface in synchronous moments or signs from the universe. However you get clarity as to what you can do to contribute to
our precarious condition, it’s important to act on the guidance you receive. By acting on the tidbits of clarity you get, more guidance and clarity will be given to you when the time is right.
At one time in my life, I got clear that I needed to make more money in order to contribute to causes I believed in. At other times, I’ve received guidance to write a book, start a podcast where I interview spiritual teachers (, or simply volunteer in old-age homes.  More important than finding the “perfect” way to contribute is finding a way to be consistent in your service.  If we each play our part with gusto and urgency, then soon we’d have millions of hearts creating a symphony of loving service. That’s how the world can change. To be part of such a community of “awakened helpers” can feel like a great honor, joy, and sense of mission.
We don’t know what the future holds, although it’s a good bet it will be stressful. Therefore, it’s important that we balance out our efforts at service with drinking from the depths of our beingness.  People who access pure awareness on a regular basis do not burn out.  However, pure awareness without compassionate action does not do the world much good. You must find your own balance, and when you notice you’re out of balance, do your best to get back to center.  As spiritual teacher, Ram Dass, used to like to say, “We are all just walking each other home.” If you have friends with who you can share your struggles and ask for input, you can help each other stay on course.  Don’t delay…the world is hurting badly and could surely use your help…
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Issues like Global Warming and the Covid pandemic have brought to the fore our interconnectedness, as well as the urgent need for a collective awakening, to protect not only ourselves, but also Mother Earth, which sustains us. How do we align our individual awakening with our responsibility to the planet?

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