by Deepak Chopra MD:  This summer, I’m engaging friends, family and colleagues in reinventing their body by making 

How-to-Reinvent-Your-Body-This-Summer Awaken

practical use of the major breakthroughs and new research in the field of well-being. In three months, starting now, we can achieve the following:

1. Through lifestyle choices we can up-regulate our genes and thereby change the activity and expression of almost 500 genes so that they decrease the likelihood of heart diseaseinflammation, autoimmune disorders, and several types of cancer.

2. Remodeling our brain through the deeper understanding of how we can quiet the reactive brain through self-awareness, principally, observing our reaction instead of reacting; optimizing the emotional brain for self regulation and homeostasis by cultuvating the emotions of love, compassion, joy, and equanimity; enlivening the cerebral cortex through self-reflection, meditation, curiosity, imagination, insight, intuition, creativity and conscious choice-making.

3. Create a daily program that focuses on restful sleep, restful awareness through meditation, daily exercise, healthy food with the highest concentration of phytochemicals, social engagement and healthy relationships.

4. Focus on other aspects of well-being including community well-being, financial well-being, and career well-being.


The goal is to reinvent the body through the following conceptual shifting insights:

  1. Your body is a process not a structure.
  2. Your body is an energy and information field.
  3. Your genes are not deterministic (with certain exceptions). You can turn your genes on and off; and you can lengthen your telomeres, and you can change your brain structure.
  4. You can change your relationship with time.
  5. Awareness is the key to transformation and reinventing the body.

My hope is that many of you will join us in this worthwhile endeavor and become part of our extended family.

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