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The Lost Chords Found – Dr. Valerie V. Hunt

by Dr. Valerie V. Hunt: The human energy field both permeates the entire body and radiates to the outside, inches to feet beyond the body’s surface. valerie hunt The Lost Chords Found This field has been validated in scientific laboratories as light emissions using photometers and color filters, as Dr. Valerie Hunt describes in her book Infinite Mind. During a research that harnessed the complex wave forms and resonance that connect us to our source, Dr. Valerie Hunt found that the human energy field vibrations were as much as 1000 times higher frequency than the electrical signals of nerve and muscle, with continuous, dynamic modulation,
unlike the pulsating signals of the nervous system.

These signals were recorded from the body’s surface using special high frequency instruments with sensors placed over selected spots on the joints and the hollow areas of the trunk, abdomen and head.

To determine the color correlated with these signals, Dr. Hunt had eight different aura readers observe the field around the body of the subjects, while the instruments recorded the signals.

The resulting data were submitted to Fourier frequency analysis to determine the frequency spectrum of each color.

Wave shape comparison differentiated the colors, and voice spectrogram analytic procedures further tested their purity.

The resulting vibrations were in the audible range of frequencies, and when amplified they could be easily heard and differentiated. Even with the intensity lowered to a subliminal sound, they were still felt in the soft body tissue and the hollow areas of the head, spine, chest and abdomen. The effects of these vibrations (real and unaltered except for amplification to the audible range) are universal and profound, yet subtle and do not require loudness. The vibrations are believed to come from the atomic and subatomic molecular activity of the human cells: quantum physics has described that all matter, which occupies space, contains potential atomic energy that is released in small quantities as electrons spin off. An interesting characteristic about energy emission from any objects is that it stays somewhat organized into fields: it has its own integrity and does not randomly dissipate. However, living substances emit a higher frequency and with more dynamic pattern changes than inert substances. Body vibrations are like communal music, with the bodies being both transmitters and receivers of sounds.

The sounds of the human energy field are signals broadcast from
the entire body and are referent sounds perceived simultaneously
with all outer world sounds.

Human energy field vibrations are not pure colors: the colors of the field change rapidly based upon our will and our needs, so that at any given time there may be only one or a few colors manifested. Generally individuals have a unique, consistent pattern of limited colors and even more often, these colors are mixed and unclear, coming from a narrow range of vibrations. Only a person in peak health and performance showed the presence of all the colors of the human spectrum, clear ad distinct. During her research Dr. Hunt designed many situations to understand the specific meaning of the five different vibrational spectrums, and their profound emotional, psychological and behavioral effects.


This warm, vibrant, stimulating vibrational spectrum is more prevalent in the following situations:
In young people who are physically active.
Strenuous, strong athletic activity seems to stimulate red-orange, as does vigorous primitive dance rituals.

With assertive, aggressive or angry emotional expression. Also happiness and joy are common correlates, while this color spectrum is absent in sadness, weakness, illness and depression.

Following strong sensory stimulus from light, sound, noxious odors or pain, as though the body is in alert.

After further testing, the red-orange-amber spectrum appears to have a positive biofeedback effect on the physical body, decreasing muscle weakness and fatigue and encouraging health, vigor and strength. Those recovering from illness or debilitating diseases respond brilliantly to the increased stimulation. A marked improvement is also noticed for those suffering from hypo diseases.

This spectrum is the biological, material, sensitive flow with the realities of the universe, encoded by the existence of life in the physical world. Listening to it helps vitalize and activate the body, it excites and stimulates the emotions and enhances the motivation to accomplish.


This cool soothing spectrum is present during relaxation and in healthy states of pensiveness, quiet thought, spirituality and meditation. It accompanies well-being and appears in slow, repetitive work, or receptive, listening states. It dramatically manifests also in the second wind of endurance athletics, when the body relaxes and all systems operate at maximum efficiency.

This spectrum quiets a hyperactive body and emotions, clearing the thought process and relieving hypertension conditions (elevated blood pressure, inflammatory states of the skin). It assists in relieving constriction, ordinary stress and tension from overwork by expanding the body and mind.


This middle vibrations appear to be transition colors that assist people to change from one state to another. It had great effects on the neural tuning of all senses, supporting the creating, planning, relating, and interfacing processes. These colors accompany a purer and more elaborate awareness, and are therefore most helpful for accomplishment in creative thinking, problem solving with quickened response, elaborate imagery, facilitating learning and inducing a quiet expectancy, an anticipation of change.


This spectrum includes all the color vibrations of the white light, completely balanced without weaknesses or strengths. It fills the air with coherent fullness to offset the confusing electromagnetic vibrations and sound contaminations that bombard the urban man.


This highest human vibration spectrum is like the diamond to a stone. Resembling the oscillations of plasma surrounding spacecrafts, the sounds of outer space, it appears to drive the will to find a home at another level.

As with music, the highest frequencies seem to have the greatest recharging effects. The blue-white-gold sounds carry the consciousness expanding spectrums characteristics of the requiems, chorals and great religious music. The awareness that carries thought is here expanded and elevated from the material world into the spiritual. These are the sounds of refreshment and regeneration.

The importance of human energy field sound as biofeedback is becoming increasingly known: while the usual feedback stimulus is from nerve activity and so its primary effects are on the muscular and circulatory system with limited effect upon the motivational and emotional states, human energy field sounds affect the entire organism, its capabilities and its feeling states. Now available both on tapes or CDs, they can be experienced at any time and place. We have also learned from biofeedback studies that auditory feedback is the most accurate and effective of all, as it apparently provides an energy source directly to the brain.

Natural spas have used ultra violet radiation, heat, herbal and mineral water vibrations for centuries.

Physical medicine has developed instruments to create ultrasounds and heat waves to affect deep tissue healing, and they are using low frequency DC vibrations from batteries to rapidly heal non-union fractures.

Small magnets hasten healing of abrasions, cuts, burns, incisions, and inflammatory debilities.

The human energy fields sounds, like magnets, natural foods and homeopathic medicine, naturally assist the body to maintain health or during a healing process. When listening to them, rather than hearing them with your ears, sense the vibrations in your body, especially the hollow areas of your head, trunk and bones.

The ideas from basic biology that life forms are complex energy exchange systems is faster becoming the frontier of medicine, psychology, education and communication. We also know from physics that human exists, grows, works and changes in complex, interacting electromagnetic fields, an environment as basic as the air we breathe or the water we drink. We can then greatly improve health, well-being and performance by consciously introducing in any way possible a coherent, high-frequency, natural field or sound. The applications of bio-energy sound vibrations appear unlimited.

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