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5 Types Of Meditation That Don’t Require Sitting Still

 by Landess Kearns: Yes, you can meditate on the move…


Contrary to popular belief, meditation doesn’t always mean sitting in lotus pose with your eyes closed. In fact, most people are unaware that you can practice meditation virtually anywhere — sitting still is not a requirement.

The true beauty of meditation lies in the fact that you can make your practice perfectly suited to your personal needs. The benefits are also undeniable: Studies show the practice can prevent disease and reduce inflammation, be an effective form of treating depression and increase happiness levels. It is even thought toprevent signs of aging in the brain.

Everyone can take advantage of meditation’s perks, regardless of whether or not they want to sit in one place. Below are five types of meditation you can do on the move:

  • FurmanAnna via Getty Images

    This ancient Chinese practice is a mental, physical and spiritual experience suited to people of all ages. Qigong‘s slow movements are flowing and rhythmic, with a focus on calming the mind and maintaining steady breathing.

    The psychological and physical benefits of Qigong include pain relief, anxiety reduction and an increase in stability. Moreover, you’ll get the added benefits of meditation, which will improve your quality of life overall.

  • Thomas Barwick via Getty Images

    There are plenty of great reasons to do yoga, like working up a sweat and increasing flexibility. However, meditation is another reason to roll out your mat.

    When you’re moving through sun salutations or trying a challenging new pose, your mind is focused and clear. This type of concentration is also one of the goals of meditation, so it’s easy to combine these two practices into one. Additionally, the ultimate objective of meditation is relaxation — and if you ask us, coming out of child’s pose is about as calming as it gets.

  • ImagesBazaar via Getty Images

    Lace up those sneakers. Focusing your thoughts on a relaxing walk is a form of meditation we can all get behind.

    The most important thing is to be in the moment during your walk — don’t let the stresses of life cloud your thoughts and break your focus. Plus, the exercise is one of the easiest ways to stay physically healthy.

  • PhotoAlto/Antoine Arraou via Getty Images

    Tai Chi is a martial art, but considered by many to be a type of Qigong — it involves gentle, rhythmic movements and encourages you to strive for spiritual balance and mental clarity. Though they might seem slow, the movements, when sped up, are a form of combat.

    However, most people practice Tai Chi as a way to get moving and participate in a calming ritual. Moving with intention is a great way to focus your thoughts — a form of meditation in its own right.

  • 5 Being In Nature
    Hero Images via Getty Images

    Spending time outdoors can do wonders for your mental health — and it’s also a great way to meditate. Going hiking with the goal of relaxation can absolutely be a form of the practice.

    Spend some time in nature and focus on the present to give your brain a boost and improve your mood. It’s a powerful combination with more benefits than you might realize.


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