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Dr. Wayne Dyer 9 Principles For Living A More Spiritual Life

by Dr. Wayne Dyer: Wayne Dyer’s Specific Suggestions For Living In-Spirit…


When we began our human training, we were taught to abandon most of our spiritual identity and adopt a new one based on ego consciousness, or a sense of being separate from Spirit. In other words, we came here from a place of inspiration and intended to stay that way—unfortunately, we forgot to do so, and we ended up abandoning most of our inspiring notions in favor of a consensus of “reality” that didn’t include Spirit. We chose the false self, which is why we so inexplicably feel off-purpose.

We’d like to reconnect to the world of Spirit, while at the same time not shed the familiar body we’ve worn for a lifetime.

My book, Living An Inspired Life, entreats us to remember our purpose, and our reason for being here.

Here are 9 principles to help us reconnect with Spirit:

1. Practice laughing

Anything that is not of Spirit – such as fear, illness, worry, shame, anger, and the like – is worthy of your laughter.

Practice laughing at the importance that you and so many people place on everyday circumstances. View it from an eternal perspective, and you’ll find yourself lightening that heavy load.

Your ego wants you to live in a state of self-importance, but your Holy Spirit knows that the only thing that’s truly important is being in alignment with Spirit.

2. Look at the world as an illusion

Seeing this physical world as an illusion ironically allows you to enjoy it more and stay inspired.

We’ve bought into the idea that we were limited in our ability to create an all-encompassing life, and we were certain that we had no choice in our own destiny. We defended our need to acquire more and to live a scarcity consciousness in which we competed with everyone else for a meager slice of the whole pie. All of these imprisoning thoughts result when we’re not guided by Spirit.

3. Be an observer: practice stepping outside of yourself

When others attempt to seduce you into feeling bad, guilty, worried, fearful, or anything that isn’t of Spirit, repeat sentiments such as “This isn’t mine,” “I refuse to own it,” and “I’ll not be misaligned with Spirit.” At any moment of your life, you can practice this observer technique:

Just mentally step outside of your body and observe what’s trying to keep you from being inspired. Then vow to return to Spirit by repeating the above statements.

4. Remember everything is spirit – death is an illusion

There is no place anywhere in this Universe that’s devoid of Spirit.

Everything and everyone is of Spirit before, during, and after manifestation into physical form. I urge you to seek this Spirit when your ego has convinced you that It’s absent.

5. Look for the good for what is happening

In all of your noninspired moments, practice stopping the chatter of the ego and look for the good, or a reason for what’s happening. Even in devastating natural disasters such as hurricanes, tsunamis, floods, fires, and the like, look for the good. There’s no death from the perspective of infinity, so once you’ve removed the horror of dying from the equation, you’ll have a different perspective.
6. Help each other – be more cooperative

If we’ve been raised on an ego consciousness that’s stressed the need to “look out for number one,” and “get what I can before someone else does.” But I assure you that when we make the transformation to a being of sharing, the question of how to become inspired will disappear. So whenever we find ourselves “wanting more,” the solution is to do more for society, for humanity, or for the environment.

7.    Have no limits

Say This Mantra “I have absolutely no limits on what I intend to create.

By repeating these words, you’ll find that you slip into the world of Spirit where limitlessness defines all reality.

8.    Die while you’re still alive

Imagine yourself without a body.

Make an attempt to spend some time each day in a state of meditation, wherein you let go of all ideas about time, space, and linear directionality. You are without a body, or any possessions or attachments, by seeing yourself this way, you will begin to emulate the world of Spirit.

9.    Expect a miracle

Remember you have dormant forces waiting to help you.

Visualize yourself as a being who can command these forces to work with you. Develop a private trust in your ability to activate and attract dormant forces. Remind yourself of this truth: If I stay in harmony with my originating Spirit, that invisible All-Creating Force will go to work on my behalf. 

Then begin to look for even the slightest hint that those hibernating forces are awakening from their appar­ent slumber to work with you. In reality, these forces never sleep; rather, they only work with you when you’re a vibrational match to them. So change your expectations for yourself—expect the best, expect guidance, expect your fortunes to change, expect a miracle!

When you were in-Spirit prior to materializing, your aim was high and your expectations were God-like. Reacquaint yourself with that vision and begin Living An Inspired Life today.

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